What should I wear?

Many people ask me what should they should wear to their headshots? Whether you are looking for a corporate headshot, business headshot, modeling headshot, acting headshot, realtor headshot, LinkedIn headshot, or any other social media headshot for your professional profile, then this post is for you! So keep reading and we will get you ready for your next professional headshot session!

  1. I simply tell my clients to "Wear what you love!" Many people ask me what they should wear to their photography session and my response is to "wear your favorite outfit". Wear what makes you feel good, feel confident, and feel like a star.
  2. Do not go through your closet and try to choose something you THINK someone else will like, or that you will land a job based on what you are wearing. They are looking at you! Not your clothes.
  3. If you wear something you are uncomfortable or not secure in, guess what, you will be uncomfortable in the shoot. If you wear something you feel amazing in, you will arrive at the shoot with more confidence. Believe me, it shows!
  4. Avoid wearing anything that takes the viewer’s eye away from you. Try to stay away from strong patterns, large jewelry, and heavy makeup. Remember, you are the focus!
  5. If you are still unsure of what to wear, you can take a look at other people’s professional headshots to see what they are wearing. Dive into my headshot gallery to give yourself a jump start. Or do a simple Google Search.

Do you think you are ready now? Do you feel comfortable, confident, and more prepared for one of Charlotte's best headshot sessions? If you said yes, then let's get you booked for your next headshot session! You're going to love it!

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