Feeling good, comfortable, and confident in front of the camera.

Many of my clients tell me they're camera shy. So I decided to come up with some pro-tips to turn that shyness into BOLDNESS. Yes, boldness! It is possible to overcome your shyness or any anxieties when placed in front of the lens. If you are in the market for business headshots, corporate headshots, realtor headshots, or even headshots for your professional profile, and feel that you may have a bit of camera shyness, then read on my friend.

  1. Play with your facial expressions. Seriously! You may think this sounds silly, but put yourself in front of a mirror and play around with your facial expressions. Look at all the different expressions you are capable of making. Do a funky brow thing. Flare your nostrils. Now do them at the same time! Have fun with it and even get silly!
  2. You can also look in magazines or online at other actors and models to see their expressions. You won’t see any without expression. My goal during your headshot session is to bring out your natural expressions and to show your true personality.
  3. Do what you can to build your confidence and self-esteem. Have your hair the way you want it. Be in the shape you want to be in. You want to feel good about yourself and accept where you are on the day of your shoot. Come comfortable and confident in who you are. It shows.
  4. Self-love and staying positive are key! Embrace your imperfections and own it! We are not perfect and that is okay.
  5. Be physically and mentally prepared for your session.

What I do to help

Believe it or not, your anxiety about being in front of the camera can also be the result of a poor or inexperienced photographer. You want to find a friendly and professional photographer who has experience with turning you from camera shy to camera confident! Here's what I do to help ease any anxieties or shyness;

  1. When you arrive in my studio I do not immediately put you in front of my camera. I take the time to get to know you and let you settle into the environment of my studio in the Charlotte area. My attention is focused on you as soon as you walk through my door.
  2. I will talk about the process and how the session will work. I will guide you every step of the way throughout the entire session.
  3. We can take as many breaks as needed. We go at your pace. Not mine.
  4. During the session, I will keep communication open to help keep you relaxed and draw out your natural expression. Yes, I will even throw in some bad jokes here and there. It's fun to be a bit silly and even better if you join in!
  5. You will also hear me say "Confidence is in the eyes, approachability in the mouth, and personality in the eyebrows". I truly believe all of this and will say it over and over to draw out those expressions.

I truly believe in what I do as a photographer and love watching my clients become comfortable, bold, and confident when in my studio. It's possible! Just read the reviews! I've seen it happen many times! If you want an experience like this, don't hesitate and book your headshot session.

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