headshot Professional Vs. the inexperienced

Do you need a professional headshot?  The quick and easy answer is “Yes”.  Your headshot is your first impression, and I say make it count.  It is your online presence for everyone in the digital world to see. That one particular image of you will say so much about you and who you are. As Fred R. Barnard said, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  So do not settle for anything less when choosing a photographer to take your headshots.  Make sure to hire a professional who knows how to draw out your genuine expression.  

1. A Professional Does The Work So You Don’t Have To

Many clients are surprised by some of the directions they receive when entering my studio.  Every little detail matters.  From small adjustments in posture, clothing, facial expressions, even down to a tiny eye squint, which we like to call squinching.  All of this matters. So why do you go with a pro? A professional photographer will make it their job to pay close attention to the tiniest details so you do not have to. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the session.  We will take care of the rest.

2. Approachability, Confidence, and Personality Are Key

It does not matter if you need a corporate headshot, business headshot, realtor headshot, dating headshot, modeling or acting headshot, or any headshot for your social profile, you do not want to simply use a selfie or go with an inexperienced photographer.  It is important that you search out a professional headshot photographer who is trained in directing you and coaching you to bring out your true self and your true personality.  You want to be approachable, show confidence as well as your personality.

3. Show The True You

When using a professional headshot, your viewer will not be caught off guard if when they meet you in person.  This is so important.  For example, have you ever looked at someone else's photo online, met up with them in person, and were completely thrown off guard because they looked nothing like the photo you saw online?  Did it make you feel a bit uneasy perhaps? Maybe you experienced this when using a dating app, or hiring a new employee, or even meeting with an executive director.  You want to feel comfortable and confident in your first meeting.

In summary, make sure you give yourself a competitive edge by visually representing the true you.  Market yourself and drive out the competition with your headshot.  Do not settle for anything less.  You deserve the best high-quality headshots in the market.  

Are you ready for your professional headshot?  Book your session and let’s get started today!

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