The Do's and Don'ts


We all want to look our best in our photos. Here's a list to help you achieve a great look.

1. Wear solid colors. Try to stay away from heavy patterns (flora, plaid, stripes, polka-dots, etc.)
2. Wear layers. Layers are always fun and tend to look good. (Jacket, coats, vests, ties, bow ties, etc.)
3. Wear long sleeves.


Minimizing distraction is key! You want to avoid wearing anything that takes the viewer's eye away from you. Remember, you are the main focus. Here is a list of what to avoid.

1. Don't wear heavy patterns or plaid.
2. Avoid getting a new haircut right before the session. Schedule your appointment a week or two prior to your session.
3. Don't wear distracting or big jewelry. Just like stripes and heavy patterns, big and clunky jewelry diverts the views attention away from you.
4. Don't wear anything that will distract away from your eyes and your face.

Tips & Tricks!

1. Make sure to shave prior to the session. Or fancy a trip to the barber for a neat trim the day before the session.
2. If you wear makeup, wear normal daytime makeup with slightly more foundation than usual. Liquid foundations photograph better than powder foundations.
3. Don't be shy! Play and practice with facial expressions. Simply put yourself in front of your mirror and play around. Confidence is in the eyes, approachability in the mouth, and personality in the eyebrows!
4. Drink lots of water and get a good night’s rest. You want to feel your best.
5. If you wear glasses, bring them.